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i have experience in agribusiness skills trainings

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am an entrepreneur and a youth leader with passion in agriculture

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Youth Empowerment and Development through Modernized Agriculture (YEDMAAFRICA) YEDMA AFRICA is a private non-profit organization based in the Ugandan capital-Kampala. The organization aims at empowering Young people in Africa to play a constructive role on a range of social, economic and environmental issues. To achieve this, YEDMA AFRICA carries out advocacy, capacity building programs and supports mostly Agriculture related projects in line with our vision of improving general living standards and ensuring food security in Africa. YEDMA AFRICAs activities are focused towards encouraging the youths involvement and active participation in Agriculture both on farm and off-farm activities. Goals and Objectives To increase the number of youth population that is passionately engaged in Agriculture as farmer entrepreneurs To motivate and mentor youth to engage in agriculture as a trade. To provide all the relevant information that will empower youth engagement in agriculture. To train the youth on the best agribusiness practices so as to groom them into farmer entrepreneurs. To engage youth on policy issues relating to agriculture, trade and their empowerment. To facilitate youth projects through agribusiness development services.

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