August 4, 2018 21:18

Hey guys,
Thanks for the comment but as you possible saw in the project brief there is no company behind this project. So there is no tangible busines plan amd therefore it will not make sense to discuss about profits and turnovers. I am a mechanical design engineer who spent 6 moths for this research project. The innovation is that it did actually worked when i did 3 weeks experimental work so it could be fully fuctional in an innovative package design and thats the element that makes this project different. I dont represent any company i just wanted to publish my idea as i really believe i can help some people after natural disasters. Add that is the point of the project. It wouldnt be erhical to think about profits and turnovers on 3 years when the "customer target" of this project is people suffering from clean drinking water scarcity.
If i get to the 10 finalists then i will form a small team of people who really interested in water sanitation issues.
Please let me know if that helps.

August 4, 2018 15:02

Hello Kratika,
Educating people on the crucial subject of CPR could really make a difference. The effect of time -as a few seconds can really nake a difference- is really important if everyone could really help by knowing the basics prior the ambulance arrival. I support this idea and I strongly believe that it could be introduced to every high school independently of the country. Time matters as well as knowledge. This idea could really help people.
Thank you

August 4, 2018 14:52

Hello Kratika,
Thank you for your time to review my project and also your comment. Clean drinking water is by far the most important good that hunanity needs all the time across the planet.
I will have a look of your project as well and drop you a comnent to leave some thoughts.
Many thanks

August 3, 2018 23:52

Hi Frank George,
Really good idea and big potential if you already have 1200 potential customers. It will help a specific industry sector to rise a little bit. Happy to see such potential around. Good luck mate!

August 3, 2018 23:47

Hello Frank George,
Thank you for your time to review my project page and your comment as well. I will visit your project very soon. Good luck!
Much appreciated

August 2, 2018 11:14

Thank you guys for your support comment and your vote.
If I manage to go through the finalists I will try to engage other people on this project and develop it further. Hopefully some day soon it will becone a reality.
Thank you

August 2, 2018 11:05

Hello Veselin,
The small diesel generator can contribute as a back-up energy source producing AC and it is linked directly to the AC load whenever necessary. A battery bank is necessary to store energy for cloudy days while the design of a water tank with three days autonomy and a fuel tank for at least 10 days autonomy is considered important. This issue was very critical and therefore during the design it was needful to consider the worst scenario without sun, wind, electricity back-up and far from fuels. It is important to notice that a water tank designed and sits inside the container and carries enough fresh water to keep 300 people alive for at least three days. So, 13 days of
autonomy is adequate time for any first aids organization or governmental help to arrive at any place on the Earth.
Thank you for your comment

August 1, 2018 12:35

Hello Hyelni/Hassan

Thank you for your comment and the positive feedback of believing that this idea has a potential to find practical use in your area.
Many thanks

July 31, 2018 23:39

Hello Sofia,
Thank you for your comment. I actually simulated the main water physico-chemical factors of 6 areas of the planet. During the experments I have used Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Sulfate, Chloride as well as pH and TDS. Samples analysed against these elements and based on WHO factors the actual resulted water was clean and drinkable removing all the unesessary ions, salts, particles etc.

July 31, 2018 21:20

Hello George,
This project under sunny conditions (primary source) or wind conditions (secondary source) can really fast convert the energy to electricity and produce permeate water. Even in the case of a cloudy day or with no wind at all, the battery bank can assist on this or even the back up generator.
Thank you for your comment