July 28, 2018 21:59

Hey Alessandro,
Thank you Alessandro for your good words for my project. It is indeed a project with potential and I hope that one day could be become real. Your comment is more than welcome.

July 28, 2018 21:38

Hello Stavros,
Thank you for your recommendation. My future thoughts for the project include a new way or further invedtigation on how to remove the fossil fuel as my back up energy and replace it with electrolysis as in reality i can donthat with saline water. This new concept is already on its way!
Thank you for your comment

July 28, 2018 20:48

Thank you John for your time to review tge project and your cooment. As a back up i do have battery bank that will storage adequate energy to keep the system going. However if the battery bank runs out the i have a small diesel generator and a small fuel tank to kick in immediately. For 3 full days 300 citizens csn be saved.

July 28, 2018 19:11

Hey Anne-Lyse
This is indeed a fundamental element of the project. It really includes everything needed to produce clean drinking water as fast as possible. The ISO cobtainer can ve transferred globally nowadays with so many ways in a few hours.
Thank you for your comnent

July 28, 2018 18:50

Hello Anthony,
Thank you for your comment. It is indeed a very important part of the project. I have tested the resulted water of the initial saline water up to 12000ppm and it was acceptable according to WHO.
Again thank you

Comment on: The Food Factory
July 28, 2018 17:04

Hello Bimal,
I agree that actually farmers are not getting even the basic minimum price of their monthly or annual production. The whole system around the globe is corrupted and formed on such way that farmers are actually forced then to quit and move to bigger cities or absorbed by bigger farmers and finally companies. Goverment needs to help and make the start on this by taking initiatives.

July 28, 2018 16:45

Hello Bimal,
Thank you for your comment. The energy priority is controlled by a PLC unit which reads the energy demand. If no solar or wind energy is available then the battery bank can poivide some as well. If the battery bank runs flat then a secondart diesel.generator kicks in. The waste water can be a) returned bak or if it is saline water then can be used to produce some electricity as well via electrolysis.
Thank you

Comment on: Full Water
July 28, 2018 14:03

Hello Edrice,
Really good idea for producing clean drinking water. Only 1 question if I may ask please. What filtration method are you using? You are describing filtration chambers but how you remove viruses, bacteria, and ions and particles from water?
Please have a look of my project in the same category of water sanitation and leave a comment if you wish.
Many thanks

July 27, 2018 09:22

Hello ChristosT :)

Thanks for your comment, your good words and your support on my project.
Feel free to vote it if you haven't done it yet.
Many thanks

July 26, 2018 17:31

Hello Sanket,

I like your idea for a concentrated solar power system. Definitely in india with the solar irradiation exist in most of the time throughout the year, it will can become really useful project with high potential. Only 2 questions or clarification if I may, are you storing anywhere the surplus amount of energy? IS there any "battery bank" so you can feed back this energy to the system in winter days? have you considered to combine the solar power with wind power and achieve higher energy accumulation?
Please have a look of my project and let me know your thoughts.