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women and youth empowerment

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Waste paper Recycling and Reconversion.

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Am a young entrepreneur who is so passionate about the environment and working out on ways to recycle waste materials especially Paper into reusable product which is Low Grade Toilet Tissue for low income families to use.

E.T. Edwin Industrial Company Nigeria (Eteicon), is a;

2016 Bank of Industry (BOI)–Youth Entrepreneurship Support Program (YES-Program) Award Winner (https://www.boi.ng/yes).
2016 Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program award winner (Teep Award 2016. https://www.tonyelumelufoundation.org).
In 2015, E.T. Edwin Industrial Company Nigeria was named Top 50 most innovative Startup Companies in Africa by the New York Forum Africa (www.ny-forum-africa.com).
In 2012, we also emerged winner in Federal government of Nigeria Business Plan Competition –Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN. https://www.youwin.org.ng).
In 2010, we also won the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)– National Youth Service Corps (NYSC ) Venture Prize Entrepreneurship Award.

We were selected in 2013 by the National Youth Service Corps Secretariat to train Youth Corp members on Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship with more emphasis on Waste to Wealth. So far we have trained over 6,000 Youth Corp Members comprising of mostly women and youths to help curb youth unemployment in Nigeria.

1). Mums Toilet Rolls (Regular Size and Jumbo Rolls) is sold at $9 and $7 per bag respectively as against $19 and $17 for the premium quality Rolls which are quite expensive for most low income families to buy and use.
2). We will convert 60 Tonnes of Waste Paper into Low grade toilet tissue per annum.
3).200, 000 low income families were served in 2015; 22 Rural Youths were engaged and 10 of which are Women were employed.
4). 20,000 bags of Mums Toilet Tissue were produced in 2015.
5). Rural Women were empowered through jobs created in Eteicon.
6).Reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions from these dump sites.
7).Waste to Wealth and a Cleaner environment through the Recycling and Reconversion of Waste Paper into Low Grade Toilet Rolls.

On Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Eteicon is making Huge Impact on the following Goals:
¤ Goal No 1: No Poverty; Through the Salaries we pay our workers (Women and Youths) we also empower them Financially hence, keeping them away from negative vices.

¤ Goal No 2: No Hunger. Most importantly when we pay salaries to our workers (Women and Youths), they use it to buy food and feed their Children and Families.

¤ Goal No 6: Clean Water and Sanitation; With many Low income families and Homes using our Low Grade Toilet Roll (Mums Toilet Tissue), Open-End Defecation has greatly reduced in our community.

¤ Goal No 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

¤ Goal No 13: Climate Action; through the Recycling and Reconversion of Waste Paper into Low Grade Toilet Rolls, the amount of Greenhouse Gases (Carbon di Oxide, Methane gases etc) released from the Dump sites have been greatly reduced and

¤ Goal No 17: Partnerships for Goals; through the Combined activities of our Teams of Waste Pickers, Topan Advance Agro Paper Mills LTD, Rural Women and Youths in our community.

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Tochukwu Emelone