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I’m the National president of a NGO that promotes the Education, i’m holder of BA, i’m a disabled.

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Toti Jean Marc Yale


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Education For You

Education is one of the core of the development, otherwise without education nothing could be possible in term of development, unfortunately if the Africa continent is very far from the development,one of the main reason is the lack of Education or it is because of that most of the people on this continent remain again illiterate This situation is so important because a well educated people could never use weapons for any reasons, i stated like that because we are living many conflicts or wars on this continentduring these latest years, so in order to prevent conflicts or wars, it will be good to sensitize people upon the values of Education because by the link of education we learn Human Rights, and each people know his/her duty toward the other ones. In my country Ivory Coast, more than 50 percent youth is still illiterate and the north area is the most touched by this scourge.In front of this deplorable situation, i decided to submit my ideas just to reduce sgnificanly this phenomenon. That's why i did my scheme, because there are many factors that contribute to the spreading of this phenomenon, mainly: Poverty, Religion, Tradition..

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