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First Established in 2015, Trautbuck Energy Enterprises(TEe) asocial business provides commercially viable alternative fuels, biogas and production of briquette making machinery, while delivering onsite waste management services to her clients.
VISION; Trautbuck Energy Enterprises (TEe); envisages a just and healthy society where all people enjoy basic human rights and live in dignity.
1 – Provide affordable renewable energy alternatives to improve lives.
2 -To capture 20% of the renewable energy market in Uganda
3 -To achieve growth and expansion by 5% annually
4 – To become leading producers of durable and long lasting briquette making machinery in all different sizes.
5 – To be another source of employment for the community especially individuals in the career of biogas and welding.
OTHER SERVICES; biogas plant maintenance, and renewable energy consultancy.

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Rhona Lwanga Kamba