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Tristan Junker


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Intercultural Innovation Camp - iiCamp (Japan)

Amazing Japan is an international community page sharing news, information and stories about Japan and its (pop)culture. Amazing Japan was established to provide and share the rich and diverse Japanese culture by building an community that operates worldwide. Together with our partners from YouCan Trust Deutschland gUG we formed a joint venture to work together on our corporate project, the iiCamp. iiCamp stands for Intercultural Innovation Camp and offers applicants a new way of intercultural exchange while developing projects abroad and experiencing the diversity of different cultures around the world. The main purpose of the iiCamp is to strenghten the intercultural communication and personal leadership. We invented games and tasks to enhance teamwork which is needed to obtain intercultural competence. Participants in the iiCamp will get the competence certificate international. It is the proof of competence international, a dedication method of the specialist unit eV, is International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany in short IJAB the documentation of non-formal learning content. The evidence is supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth of the German government. As of the CBI IJAB certified coaches we are authorized to issue, upon request International participants demonstrating competence. (http://www.nachweise-international.de/single/article/einblicke-das-iicamp-von-youcan-trust-deutschland.html) We already organized three camps in Siem Reap, Cambodia in which we developed products such as a map and a mobile language application (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/khmer-and-more/id832467911?mt=8) together with local students. In addition local students get the chance to develop themselves within Entrepreneurship and personal leadership and improve their possibilities for their future career. We are expanding already to Indonesia and Japan where we are going to work on a cultural magazine application and a second language application as well as a Japanese comic which teaches the history of local Japanese cuisine.

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