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Project planning and management, sharing a vision, relationship building, financial acumen and time management.

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More professional experience on community development, networking with other community leaders around the world and seeking for funding to intervene and provide innovative solutions to the socioeconomic and environmental challenges we are facing in our communities.

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I am the Delegate of Tropical Development Foundation Common Initiative Group (TROPDEF-CIG), which is a start up nonprofit organization operating at Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.Our mission is to promote and improve socioeconomic and agricultural development among women and youths in rural areas through farming, livestock and fishery activities.I studied project planning and management at the department of development in Pan African institute for Development – West Africa (PAID-WA) Buea,South West Region Cameroon.
I participated in the “”Civil society strengthening program (PASC)”for the south west region of Cameroon organized by the European Union in Cameroon with Reach Out Cameroon as relay organization.

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Cyril Suh