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Tshepi beekeeping trading as the zone for life Pty Ltd is a 100% citizen owned company that deals with manufacturing of honey and its by-products. It is a Botswana registered company that was incorporated in 2011 .The Company is located in Selokolela at Gasedio ward in Ngwaketse south.

To be a premier supplier of honey and other bee products from Botswana into the SADC region and the world

Tshepi beekeeping provides economic growth, quality, and cost effective product and support services to the communities’ airways, hotels, restaurants, wholesales, pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, salons, sweets manufacturing company, batik and tie and dye Company and individuals including Small growing business, churches and non government organizations. We serve our clients with the best reliable and possible attention at all times.

Tshepi beekeeping embodies all the values of a breed of young professionals who are committed to eradicate poverty, improve economic growth and diversification to a better Botswana. It is a company of a young competitive, confident and ambitious youth. Our employees are qualified with experience in beekeeping

Tshepi beekeeping conserves the fauna and the flora of this country by increasing bee species, bee production, and bee by products and hence improves the quality of national health.

Our company has keen interest and desire to become your supplier in the category of products and services listed below.

Liquid Honey Bees
Comb honey Beekeeping equipment
Chunk honey Horticulture /Forestry

Bee capturing Bee pollination Project management,
Beekeeping marketing, Bookkeeping, Business plan
Motivational book

We hence request your office to appoint us as your suppliers. We are looking forward to establish a mutually business relationship with your company.

Yours Sincerely
Tshepiso Marumo (Director)

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Tshepiso Marumo