August 6, 2018 23:00

thank you for adding input on my idea. your idea is clearly articulated so well done with that. i wish you all the best with it because it will help to reduce green house effects as well.

Comment on: Ndovu Care
August 5, 2018 12:28

hi Sandra, how will l the tracking device work?, ist for the purpose of making the farmers aware of where the elephants are or what ? how will the device help to reduce the conflict between the farmers and the elephants. there is a concept of using pepper to chase away elephants, maybe you can also research about it and get the farmers to plant it along their far fences as it helps to curb the elephants from entering the farms. i know the issue of elephants is a serious concern so all the best in your project. please check out my project for input too

August 5, 2018 12:22

conserving the environment can help to reduce the effect of climate issues on the environment so this is a great initiative. maybe you can engage the Ministry or government department dealing with the environment and climate in this project for support as well. Al the best in your project, kindly have a look at my project and provide input

August 5, 2018 11:59

the great thing about this project is that it will address the issue of unemployment, which is a social problem in Africa therefore this is indeed a great initiative. maybe you can start operating from the already built community halls/ centres which will help to reduce your operating expenses as well. please check out my idea fro advise/input

August 5, 2018 11:51

the growing trend nowadays is that children stay indoors and play from the comfort of their homes and hands without any real life interactions with others nor getting the needed exercise for their health. the trend usually leads to obesity among children so i like your idea of an outdoor playing area. also work with the ministry of health in your region because this idea also promote health. please check out my idea for input as well

August 5, 2018 11:31

hi Samantha your idea is really great. i love working with children especially those from low income or vulnerable and i just love this idea. maybe also as we wait for the government to buy the "tablets" for the hospital rooms you can make this into a phone app that can be downloaded so that parents who have phones can download it for their hospitalized children and they can have something that can keep them busy while in hospital. all the best with your idea. please check out mine and provide input too

August 1, 2018 13:46

this a good project, with the high rate of unemployment in Botswana, this is a welcome development. i think you should also visit schools to sell them your idea because that is where your target market is in order to reach the students

August 1, 2018 13:37

this week we learned about the sad passing of a leading professor at the university of Capetown due to suicide. so the issues of mental health are real and for intellects who may not want to do formal counselling for fear of being laughed out because they have achieved academically this may be a good idea for them as it is a eating place where they go to and get more value through the therapy session in return. so you can ask psychologist to volunteer and offer lectures and lead discussions as people eat, you can have a topic/theme for the day or week

Comment on: Happy gate
August 1, 2018 13:32

woow, this is indeed a easy way to make donations. one does not have to look for donors and go through a tiring process so this is a good initiative. it can also be extended to restaurants because people at daily and on their meals they can be asked by the waiter if they will like to add extra 20 cent for donations

August 1, 2018 13:26

operating from a community hall will help you to reduce the cost as the structure will be readily available. you can also ask university student to volunteer as tutors which will also help to cut down your operating expenses and the project can be easily replicated in other areas without you having to be there. All the best