July 28, 2018 22:31

this is a good idea,you can also offer evening classes so that lectures and teachers from local vocational colleges can volunteer to teach for free which will help to reduce expenses for the college

July 28, 2018 22:15

as this is funded by your business, do you focus on specif region./ school? whats the long term expansion plans to other schools and other areas? is there a way you can work with the ministry of education on this?

July 28, 2018 21:56

Lusha you are doing a very good job, menstrual health is a challenge in rural areas especially in poor families due to high prices of sanitary pads. i wish to know more about usable sanitary towels, i have never heard about them nor seen one, maybe it is something we can also adopt for our rural area. i hope the ministry of health is in partnership with you if not work on that

July 28, 2018 21:44

this is a good project. i believe in bridging the gender gap so i wish you roll this out to as many villages as you can and plant different organizations there. you can as university school students to lead some organizations initiatives in other parts of the country

Comment on: SWIFTHEAL
July 28, 2018 21:29

wow, i am so impressed. this is a great initiative. it will help a lot of people who can not afford expensive medical bills yet bringing rapid relief. i hope the government will invest in it to bring healing to rural villages

Comment on: Youth In Philanthropy
July 28, 2018 21:20

how did you start working at the bank at 14? what time do you go to classes?. i like what you are doing though, it blows my mind away, i wish to develop entrepreneurship skills in our African children too at such an age

July 25, 2018 23:22

maybe you can work with the ministry of education to supply the interns so that they are paid as that will encourage more graduates to volunteer into this great initiative that will being hope to so many people. education has the power to transform lifes and empower the youth so it needs more people. all the best

July 25, 2018 23:15

this is great idea because it will also help teachers in remote village to have content and expose the children in those villages to interact with out students from the cities. maybe you can work with telecommunication companies so that they can offer computers to schools in the rural villages in order to facilitate this interactive learning in schools that cannot afford to buy computers for the learners

Comment on: INSPIRe nATION
July 25, 2018 23:05

this will actually also help to keep the children out of the streets and keep them busy in a good way. consider also the help of volunteers as a way of cutting the cost so that the enrolling price also is not too high for some children for poor families

Comment on: HOMIEE_FOOD
July 25, 2018 23:01

this will also help to keep the housewives busy especially those who do no home school their children. they will express their passion for cooking through making money from the comfort of their homes so this is good. just ensure the cooking conditions do not compromise health