July 25, 2018 22:57

have you heard about something called venture capital? i think you should have a look at it because it is similar to your idea and see how to align your idea to it. this is a great initiative because it is true many start ups do not have capital even though they may have great business ideas

July 25, 2018 22:52

i believe the project can also help to foster cultural exchange not just education development and it will help to expose student at lower levels of education in underdeveloped countries to get to know options which are available at different universities across the world and broaden their career options so great initiative

Comment on: Hwera Africa
July 25, 2018 21:53

i remember in 2015- early 2016 where we had a drought season and there was water scarcity in Botswana. we didnt have enough to drink in the southern part and we could go days without water, the dam was so dry without any drop of water and farmers were making a loss. initiative such as this could have really helped, this is great idea, i hope to learn more about it and collaborate

July 25, 2018 00:58

this is a great idea because i have changed my career from my undergraduate studies route to something else and if i have had such a chance maybe i would have done a different degree completely from the beginning. so this app will solve a lot of mismatch that graduates often feel after completing the studies and joining the workforce. All the best with it

July 25, 2018 00:42

good initiative. my question is do you have support staff (employees) that will be boasted by the volunteers or you will be wholly dependent on the volunteers to cook, serve and clean up?

July 25, 2018 00:28

do the woman package the products or they also do the farming. i like the empowerment part of the project as it help to restore the dignity of the women and their families

Comment on: The local train
July 24, 2018 23:48

i dont like garbage that are thrown anywhere and anyhow as they make the environment dirty but i am not so sure about the idea of taking photos of people without their permission but then again you talking about involving the government so that they let the whole nation aware the new rules and changes so perhaps that can help and help to avoid lawsuit issues of people saying their privacy was infringed

Comment on: Cardio vision
July 24, 2018 11:59

wow, this is a brilliant idea. i love it more because i work in disability sport so i work with the blind. how will the distribution channel be for the rest of the world to access this? i hope to see this become a reality

July 24, 2018 03:32

hi Uwe. I like your business idea because it will actually help suppliers to also make savings through reducing cost of production and this will mean reduced expenses for the consumers as well because when the cost of production is low the selling price will also be low. how will you confirm thou that what the suppliers have indicated is true?

Comment on: Rescue Food
July 24, 2018 03:20

Great idea Devish. i love it. just ensure that the quality of the food donated is not compromised so that the health of the receivers is not impacted negatively but positively.