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Computer programming, community mentor, motivational speaking, youth entrepreneurship

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Someone who is well-versed in building distribution channels to contact suppliers and negotiate on our behalf to help us access materials at cost for production.

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When I was living in my home country of Grenada in 2004 Hurricane Ivan struck causing mass displacement and my families relocation to Canada. While trying to come up with a practical idea that supports a social cause for a VentureQuest competition I thought of the time I lost my home. Home in a Bag is working to end displacement by providing shelter and power to those who would otherwise live without for extended periods of time due to circumstances such as homelessness and natural disasters.

Home in a Bags minimum viable product has managed to get nations broadcasting on Canadas CTV. As well as being part of the 1st cohort of the League of Innovators in Calgary and an active member of Platform Calgary. This exposure and success as a role model led to me being asked by the Calgary Board of Education to become a community mentor for Grade 8/9 children, as well as becoming a Counsellor for Entrepreneurship and Critical Thinking as part of the Canada-wide Tim Horton’s Foundation.

I most recently have been accepted by UNEVOC Inspiring Youth in TVET’ Story Series. Working under my framework called ‘Mutually Assured Prosperity’, which seeks to leverage the economy to collectively raise peoples’ standards of living.

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Micah Louison


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