Comment on: Eat Right-Magazine
May 21, 2019 19:47

Nice idea it's very important to educate people about health eating habit so as to prevent nutritional related diseases, am a nutritionist too i know the important of nutritional education to people, well done. You can pass through my idea too " Waste papers recycling to useful products" and drop your comment

Comment on: MotherCare App
May 18, 2019 14:08

Nice idea its very important to support expectant mothers so as to ensure safe delivery , please pass through my idea " waste papers recycling to useful products" vote and drop your comment about the idea

May 18, 2019 14:00

congratulation nice idea people with disability all over the world need our support, I agree with you . You can read, vote and comment on my idea too 'waste papers recycling to useful products"