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Agribusiness skills, food chain value addition skills, and project management skills

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I am a highly efficient professional who has extensive in-depth 8+ years of working experience in Agricultural Livelihoods and Multispectral Project Management. I possess a wide range of abilities from providing support and leadership right through being able to successfully manage teams. I can control relations among the target audience by interacting with people from all backgrounds. My attention to detail and excellent time management skills means that every task is accomplished efficiently and to the highest possible standard. I have a calm and patient disposition meaning that I can work effectively under pressure and focus on the task at hand. I am proficient in working in a team, but also work well independently. I am confident that with my skills and experience, I would make an excellent member of your team. I have excellent communication skills both oral and written meaning that I excel at leading a team and ensuring all assignments are completed on schedule. I am dedicated and keen to learn new skills to improve any experience for the benefit of me and the company that I work for. I am now looking forward to making a significant contribution to an institution that offers a genuine opportunity for progression.

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