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Tunji Ojediran is an entrepreneur, industrialist, writer, youth advocate, philanthropist, passionate about creating positive sustainable transformation by providing innovative solutions to tackle basic economic problems. He is the founder and executive director of Lustre Media Conglomerate, a body with an aim to promote excellence and innovation among youths through the engagement of their creative abilities. He believes strongly that Africa’s greatest resource is her youth and that the African youth has the capacity to influence transformation and cause global impact and he is committed to helping the African youth activate their potentials.

He has birthed several initiatives that are geared towards youth empowerment, nation building, public service and governance, and is recognized by several youth organizations around the world as a global impact maker.

Since 2016 till date, the 22 years old youth advocate has reached millions of young people across Africa and the world at large, recording an average reach of over 50,000 youths monthly via his different initiatives at L.M.C. With several young people passing through his different platforms, he has impacted hundreds of thousands of young people and counting.

In 2019, Tunji was selected amongst 100 young Africans across the different African states making impact in their communities, nations and continent at large, by the Africa For Africa Youth Initiative to be mentored and coached by head of states and leaders in sociopolitical and socioeconomic sectors all across different nations in Africa.

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Tunji Ojediran