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Being a passionate and motivated girl from one of the underprivileged indigenous minority groups in Bangladesh, I have always endeavored to demonstrate my leadership skills though overcoming obstacles such as discrimination,humilation since my childhood. I have gained certain experiences and skills such as event management ,pubic speaking, research ,organizational and coordination skills through working in various academic and non academic projects and national and international organizations such as in Acumen, Amnesty International, United Nation Vounteer Progam Bangladesh, World Youth Foundation, Campus ambassador in Youth Voice etc. Apart from my engagement at university it has always been a priority for me to pursue promising ideas and implementing them successfully for the betterment of my community.I have initiated “ Indigenous Adolescent girls’ health program at Chittagong Hill Tracts” from Asian University for Women, coordinated a project called ““Mentorship Project at Chittagong Hill Tracts for the Underprivileged Indigenous Minority students” and a research project ““Educational Continuation among Indigenous Citizens from the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT): Experiences and attitudes.

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Ukhengching Marma