July 11, 2016 20:49

@ Dielamo thanks a lot for your comment and great input we as Ukulima digital we plan to do a lot of farmer training this is to enlighten them how they can use the app to manage their information, also we plan to launch the next component which is an SMS based system to cater for all the farmers without the mobile phones.

Comment on: Capture Caption App
July 7, 2016 22:39

A great App indeed, it's addressing the issues in the ground , to me I see the app making work easy for the teachers and also gives the kids a friendly learning enjoyable moments.

Comment on: Free Education
July 6, 2016 06:41

It is a great project and a very noble idea; the third world countries are lagging behind because of their structured mode of education that just caters for the rich and the lucky ones who are not disabled,
I believe with this idea being pushed to next level we will see innovation and agriculture sectors coming up and hence reducing poverty and food insecurity in our nation. As they say, empower a child, and you will have empowered a nation.