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Uledi Kimbavala

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Enterpreneurship and leadership are my talents,i always want to take part and become one of problem solver in my community.Currently am a student pursuing Bachellor of Veterinary Medicine(BVM) at Sokoine University of Agriculture(SUA) third year now.Currently am an Information Officer of Tanzania Vetenary Students Association(TVSA).With my knowledge of Veterinary Medicine i have ability to connect both public health,food security and proper exploitation of resources including increasing value chain of Agricultural products.

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Am looking for Zero hunger in my community, I want to diversfy livelihood activities of my Community and improve their living standard by just Value chain addition in the maize they are producing into maize flour and improved animal feeds.

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Am self motiveted,focused and couragious enouph to take part in problem solving in my community and get involved in National and international issues,turning challenges into oppotunities by using potential idea of my Generation all over the world.
-Currently am a student pursuing Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) at Sokoine University of Agriculture(SUA) College of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences third year from Oct 2014 expecting to graduate in 2019
-Currently am Information Officer of Tanzania Veterinary Student Association(TVSA) at Sokoine University of Agriculture(SUA) College of Veterinary and Medical Sciences.My duty is to link Veterinary student information to College administration and to link my fellow Veterinary students with Global network information of similar interests like Veterinary without borders,International Veterinary Students Associations and One health Organization.
CO-Founder of Tanzania Institutional Economic Development Foundation (TIEDF)
i) Duration:August 2016 to Oct 2016
Position:Temporary project manager,Broiler chicken production project
Organization:Private,DR Masawe’s Broiler project worth about 5 millions Tanzanian shillings.
Duty station:Kibaha-Pwani,Tanzania
Duties:General supervisor of bio security,from preparation of brooder,feed calculations,reception and supervision of daily routine care from day 1 old chicks to 4 weeks with highest efficiency of 0.03% and average weight gain was 49g/day by the second week
i) Recognition certificate of attendance for the National Military Service from June 2014 to Sept 2014.
ii )Recognition Certificate as Best Citizen student at Kibaha education centre for the year 2014.
iii) Leadership recognition certificate as general Secretary Kibaha Agricultural Science Organization(KASO)