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Umihana Krlicevic Omerovic

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master of business communication, advisor for local development

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professional support / advice for establishing a business and financial support

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I’m a businesswoman. I am a consultant for managing local economic development. From a young age, I love love to design clothes and at the moment it’s just a hobby. Through my current job I have gained many knowledge and skills related to management, business environment, planning of business plans. Through my business, I meet many business women. In conversation with them, I concluded that we all have a common problem, and that is the lack of clothing targetedly designed and tailored for business women. For some time I’ve been trying to connect with women in the textile sector and I’ve found potential tailor shops with which I could establish cooperation. My goal is to establish a small craft that will only work clothes for business women (dresses, skirts, blouses, suits) to the measure. I want to create clothes in which a businesswoman will feel comfortable, nice and professional throughout the day.