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A farmer and I am into selling a processed foods such as maize sogum and guinecorn to tackle the Hunger considering SDGs 2 I also a social and community worker a change maker especially SDGs 4 which is understanding leadership power

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Looking to have seed assets to promote my mission of promoting SDGs 2 and 16 respectively

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Usman sale gabas is my name I earned that name “gabas” mean “east”because of my dedication struggle and and kindness towards promoting and supporting the lives of vulnerables and needees

I am into business of processed some local farm products with the aims to support those that are incapable to purchase expensive foods to have that opportunity to grab them in an affordable prices to have equal opportunity

I am also using my social media handles to be a voice of the voiceless to speak truth and to analyze to ways that needs to be touched so that every human being may live with equal rights and opportunity and to promote peace and understanding

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Usman sale Gabas


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