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Utkarsh Garg


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Attero Malum

Despite immense advancement in technology, todays world is still cluttered with incidences of petty crimes on helpless people by desperate criminals. Though crime rate might have declined, majority of the people are afraid of stepping out alone at night, unless they live in an ultra secure society/facility. The rationale behind the fear is randomized road crime which is unexpected, instantaneous, and lacks a personal vendetta, making it extremely hard to escape. The solution is a simple one. An upgrade from the traditional Google Maps, Attero Malum, aka Crime Cloud, computes the fastest paths from the source to the destination with the additional parameter of safety; hence, it calculates the fast+safe path. One might say that people are aware of their daily surroundings, rendering the concept useless, but, even people who have spent their entire lives in the same city cannot know all the safe routes and in some cases, can be unaware of alternate paths. Tourists know nothing at all and are prime targets of such crime. Also, the police are not going to escort you if you know the path to be unsafe, hence, it restricts movement. Moreover, other than 911 in the USA and Canada, instant and efficient emergency services are practically non-existent. The algorithms work on crime data pulled from crime databases from local police stations and emergency alerts sent by users on the road to ensure the optimum security for all routes to the user and to ensure real time safe navigation. Further, there is always a connectivity and shortest path to the nearest police station which constantly gets updated in order to make an indirect connection with law enforcement. Additionally, a feature InstaPanick, provides one-touch connectivity to emergency services.

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