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Utkarsh Kawatra


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Born in the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India, four years ago, BloodConnect is a youth-run initiative, and now a full-fledged NGO, bent at solving the blood shortage problem in the country. India faces a shortage of more than 3 million units of blood each year. BloodConnect was founded on the simplistic premise that even if a mere 2% more youth donate blood twice a year; this shortage will be completely overcome. It envisions one thing and one thing alone: an India where a person in need of blood is able to acquire it and treat himself or his loved ones irrespective of his social status, income, contacts, caste and gender. Our organization has come a long way since its inception, focussing on ensuring a continuous and sufficient supply of blood to government blood banks, helping people in dire need of blood through our 24/7 emergency helpline, spreading awareness about the cause throughout the nation and establishing a youth network that will potentially eliminate the problem from the roots of the country. The fact that our real-life heroes started off just as a helpline four years back and are now a household name is a testimony to the fact that people are gaining consciousness with respect to the urgency of this issue of blood shortage, and that their endeavours are doing well in creating a tangible framework to tackle the same. BloodConnect has a strong 150+student volunteer team, working day in and day out in realizing its vision of achieving an India devoid of blood shortage within our lifetimes. We have:- Conducted more than 140 blood donation camps and 70 awareness drives Managed a consistent weekly outreach of anything between 50,000 and 3 lakh people Collected over 10,000 units of blood, saving over 25,000 lives

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