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marketing research and scientific product design

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people with creative and entreprenural mind-set and opportunity to take my idea to a greater audience.

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we are utkarsh and kushagra from India. we are high school boys who wish to create an impactful product for the betterment of society. we have great zeal to pursue entrepreneurship and had started working on the same. we have been involved in various activities at inter as well as intra-school levels. last year we designed a space toilet design for the NASA lunar-loo challenge. Though we failed to win at the international level, it opened our minds regarding the carbon-emission and waste management issues the world faces and since then we have been working on this project.

We have actively taken part in MUN and thus have developed public speaking capabilities over the years. We have taken part in various science competitions and secured decent positions. NASA lunar loo challenge was our break. Submission in CSIR 2021.

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Vizion Z Renewables