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mechnaical engineering

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to make my society pollution free

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Sai Krishna


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my idea is about electric&non-polluting vehicles,through which i wanted to generate required energy and want make my earth pollution free up to the possible extent starting with a city,district,state and nation and so on.this includes conversion of used fueled vehicles to e-carts at lower costs.we are using the fueled vehicles for minor works too,like for bring children to schools and for many works.but these things are going in polluting and unsafe way.so, i want to promote safety,and non polluting e-carts into this world.we can buy the used vehicles for lesser cost and can convert them to e-carts and can sell them to custmers at a reasonable prices. in my region people depends on rickshaws and those are mostly aged 45-60 years old.so i wanted to convert those as e-carts and make my E-CARTS as a E-VEHICLE DESIGNING,MANUFACTURING AND LOCAL TRANSPORT COMPANY.this will help them financially and create a good impression for company.can improve the number of jobs for unemployed ones.

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