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Vahram Ayvazyan cofounded I-Fourth in December 2016 and focuses on social innovation at the global level, artificial intelligence, and climate change.
Vahram is a Climate Reality Leader and was trained by former US Vice President, Al Gore. Since then he has campaigned for action against climate change and researches climate justice and diplomacy. Vahram has eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Previously, he participated in the Youth Peace Ambassadors project at the Council of Europe, where he focused on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in local communities affected by conflict in the South Caucasus and the Balkans. Furthermore, he has volunteered as a human rights activist with several international foundations and government agencies. Vahram has also worked as an educator and teaching fellow with the Colombian Ministry of Education and with the Nukanti Foundation to advance education and promote bilingualism in underprivileged areas of Colombia.
Vahram comes from Spitak, Armenia and graduated from Yerevan State University, Armenia with a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. He is also a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Genocide and Human Rights University Program. He has participated in hundreds of conferences across three dozen countries, published a number of articles on pressing international issues in renowned journals and magazines, and has won numerous awards for his research and publications.
Vahram also plays chess professionally.