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Currently do my diploma in Business and i have particular knowledge in project management and ECE program in educating children at the younger ages. Additionally, I gathered three years of experiences at the offshore company namely call centres as customer services and hotline agent. Throughout my journey at the call centres i got opportunities to learn, discover and apply set of knowledge and acquired meaningful experiences that helped me to thrive in the domain of customer relationship. I developed the sets of skills such as communication skills, flexibility, computer literacy, team work, sense organization, customers negotiation, and many more.

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I am looking for mentorship, collaboration and assistance from the experts to help to implement this endeavor.

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It’s Moanazafy Valessa Rigoline, I do a diploma in Business. Apart from academic studies, I participated in several workshops in a particular leadership program. I also completed training on ECD (Early Childhood Development) program by which I got a certificate. I did as well online training on project management and entrepreneurship that enable me to write some project ideations.
I am looking forward to discussing further assistance and collaboration through this life-changing program.