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Finance, Business , Economics.

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Mentorship and constructive advices to complete my idea with a holistic approach.

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I am a senior in high school specializing in commerce and economics. I am passionate about creating a global platform for people, culture, and economy governing their livelihood. My vision is to be a bridge of diplomacy transforming the voice of common to viable economics redefining boundaries. At present I have indulged myself in constant learning of modern technology and experimenting through various innovation competitions and platforms.

My innovation journey started by being Nominated by the school to World Series of Innovation (WSI) by NFTE-WSI MasterCard gateway to design a platform to help the unbanked make and receive payments helping the UN Sustainable Development goals and Won to be on top 10 finalist across 63 countries, 48 states in The US.
After which I got selected to represent my district Tie(The Tie Indus Entrepreneurs) Young Entrepreneur 2020 that equipped me to with basics of finance, business model canvas, go to market, pitch presentation, business plan modeling and have pitched business ideas in TIE, Japanese business foundation, AatmaNirbhar(self made India) Foundation and many other national and international forums and hackathons pitching ideas on addressing issues in Financial Access, Drone Crowd Monitoring , using CV+AI in Education and gender equality.

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Vandana Muralidharan