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Daniel Schobert


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Transition Akademie – Crafting Reality

Which life do you want to live? And what exactly is necsessary to learn to create that? I want to empower young people to realize their creative potential by giving them the tools - and even more important the opportunity - to experience creation. The Transition Akademie is a one year course consisting of 7 interwoven Weekend Modules and a two week camp. So people from all different work or study backgrounds can participate and integrate their experiences, into their many different lifestyles, work and studies. The complete course will be based in the living learning field of a small eco village which is already in the longterm process of recreation. And the participants will be surrounded by mentors who already have several years' experience in recrafting their community. These experiences will empower them to become changemakers in their own communitiesAand sharetheir experience with their friends and co workers. They will then plant the very neccessary seeds for a more sustainable future.

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