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Diploma in Crop Management with 12 years working experience as field Supervisor

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I'm looking for $ 30,000 to expand my vegetable project farm

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After my retirement as Field Supervisor, i decided to start a vegetable farm project to that i can grow organic leafy vegetables which are nutritious e.g; cabbages,local indigenous vegetables, capsicum, watermelon, eggplants and other vegetables.

To avoid wastage of vegetables, some will be dried ,processed into powder form and then packed into tins ( leafy vegetables, cabbages, and other indigenous vegetables), also others will be processed into jam, paste ( tomatoes, capsicum, watermelon etc).

We shall be using organic inputs, charcoal ash, liquid cow dung,chicken waste are our fertilize and pest control are, neem tree barks, garlic, red pepper etc will be mixed and used as pesticide control.

WHO has proved that using chemicals in food has affected a number of people by reducing their immune system and brings cancer.

All my products are organic free from pesticide, and i use dip irrigation system. I also train women how to grow vegetables as that they can raise income to support their families.
A classroom will be constructed where people will be trained also a storage will be constructed where vegetables will be kept until it goes to the market.
This center will buy from women groups who have been trained by this project.

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Michael / Jjuuko