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Social entrepreneur & Youth Development Activist. Secretary General @ International Transformation Foundation

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Venuste Kubwimana


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1 slum 100 computers

The 1 Slum 100 Computers project will provide free computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring for disadvantaged youths in Eastern Nairobi slums and informal settlements. At completion of the training and mentorship, loans them computers and other technological devices to help them set up a computer based business such as cybercafe, respectively to the business plan designed during the training/mentorship. How it works: Within 6 months 30 youths (3 groups with 10 members per group) receive Computer training in services of cybercafé business: 1) Introduction to computer 2) Computer typing 3) Microsoft office 4) Graphic design 5) Internet /web services And entrepreneurship mentorship simultaneously: Each group is requested to identify a mentor and the Project assign another mentor to each Group (a mentor: An experienced business person with 15+ years of diverse general business experience) These mentors will help the group members to complete 9 modules course intended to help them create a business plan for the group and to document this plan with: an elevator pitch, a business plan summary PowerPoint, and an Investment Profile: 1) Mission, opportunity and strategy 2) External Environment 3) Target Market statement 4) Operations and value chain 5) Organization/Human Resource 6) Business Model 7) Metrics 8) Operating Plan 9) Financing. At completion of this training & mentorship, each group (Leader) present (pitch) their Business Plan Summary in presence of Project and partners Leadership, mentors, and invited audience in a Public graduation Forum. Each group then receive a loan package of basic equipment worth not exceeding 2923 $, respectively to their business plan. On top, they receive project personnel who work with them for the business development until the loan is fully repaid. For self-sustainability, the program requires loan repayment with interests of 12-15% if paid within 6 months and 12 months respectively.

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