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I believe I am quite good in initiating new ideas, in going new way, in creating educational and learning experiences. I do well in running projects, in asking questions and looking at things from different perpectives. I love to sing, to dance and I am good seing the potential in things.

I´m constantly looking for

I am looking for partnerships and people who want to contribute to the vision of Navigaia Journeys. I need support in the business model and in reaching the target group.

My profile

My name is Veronika and I was born in 1988 in Berlin. Since I was young I have loved to create creative spaces of learning and experiences for others. Actually, I learnt the most in those moments of my life, where I didn’t sit in any class room, but when I did something practical, when I experienced life and when I traveled. I was searching for my own path in life for quite some time until I realized that I want to be part in creating the way we learn through experiences. I love travelling, personal development, intercultural understanding and non-formal education. My passions led me to create the Vision of Navigaia Journeys that supports, inspires people on their inner and outer journeys.

My formal experiences and qualifications:

Bachelor in Public Management
Master in Intercultural Communication
Further Qualification in Design Thinking
Co-founder of the educational NGO Weitblick Berlin e.V.
Working experiences in different NGO
2 years school experiences in Germany as a Teach First Fellow
Several living abroad and traveling experiences
Founding of the educational initiative Navigaia Journeys

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Veronika Mercks


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