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Integrated Intensive Farm

Integrated Intensive farm is Integration of aquaculture, dairy farming, poultry farming, Hydroponics, Alga-culture and bio-fertilizer production. Integration of different kinds of intensive farming gives a better benefits than regular individual intensive farms. Intensive farming require high inputs in terms of feed and high quality water, nutrient management system and other utilities for the cultivation and production of products. In Integrated farm model bi-products of one system can be used for other system. Water utilized for intensive aquaculture is with high carbon dioxide and high concentration of nitrates which can be consumed in alga-culture to cultivate algae to produce high value algal products and essential fatty acids. Purified water from Alga-culture can be used for aquaculture. biomass produced from hydroponics and alga-culture can be used as feed for cattle, aqua and poultry. Litter formed in Poultry farm and manure of dairy farm used to prepare bio-fertilizer by microorganisms. This integrated Intensive farm produce high quality products with high market demand and price. 1. Pesticide free Agroproducts, 2. Aquaculture products, 3. Dairy Products, 4. High value Micro algal products, 5. Poultry products, 6. Bio-fertilizer. Production of high value products from micro algae is integrated into conventional integrated farming. Effective utilization of resources and maintaining optimum growth conditions enhances the productivity in intensive farming. Steam sterilization systems to sterilize manure for bio-fertilizer manufacturing, chilling unit and cold storage for milk, poultry products and vegetables enhances the shelf life of products.

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