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CSGF (Canteen Service for Garment Factory)

Currently, there are more than 500 garment factories operating in Phnom Penh City, employing approximately 600,000 workers. 90% of them are young women who migrate from the rural part of Cambodia for job and income. However, almost all of them do not have access to hygienic and nutritious food. They consume street food that is wrapped in plastic bag and dine on the ground, even near the rubbish pile. As a result, they are physically weak and fall sick a lot. Coupled with the toxic working environment, 4000 fainting incidences occurs during working hour every year and approximately 1 billion plastic waste are disposed from the factories annually. Therefore, CSGF comes in. Basically, the idea is working to empower poor factory workers, improve their health, reduce fainting incidences and cut down the plastic waste from the factories by setting up a canteen/cafeteria at the factories to serve healthy, nutritious, and cheap food with a proper dining area and safe dining utensils instead of plastic bags. CSGF is the first mover in this industry. The solution is simple and straightforward but effective and efficient enough to tackle two chronic issues at the same time: health and environment. The focus is on the quality of the food and the most affordable price for all our poor workers.

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