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Entrepreneurship, business development, marketing

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Social Entrepreneurs transforming Africa Fellow, Award for social entrepreneurship in Africa.

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Victor Mnyawami

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Tanzania Universities Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Tanzania Universities Entrepreneurship Challenge is a youth-led project with a purpose of getting more and more young university students interested into becoming entrepreneurs. We inspire young people to become entrepreneurs and we help and support Start-up businesses launched by University students and fresh graduates. We solve problems of unemployment and poverty, in Tanzania hundreds of thousands of youth graduate from universities, schools and colleges every year, only a small percentage of these succeed in getting employment, the rest become unemployed and they live in poverty. Unemployment among the youth is a very big problem in Africa considering that the youth are the majority of the population. We run idea generation and business planning competitions for university students to get them involved and engaged in entrepreneurship, we also run training sessions,inspirational sessions and workshops on entrepreneurship and business development. We run events in different university campuses in the country and we reach thousands of students, we also reach more and more young people through social media and online platforms.

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