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Nutrition x Graphic Design x Digital marketing x Team Building x Entrepreneurship x Leadership

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Victory has a very wide range of interests and skills ranging from nutrition & health to graphic design, mobile app development, education and technology for advancement and innovation. He’s very passionate about addressing the general challenges of teenagers in the rural and urban parts of Africa.
Determined to create a better and sustainable future, he founded THAP Edge Africa Initiative to find solutions to the health and nutrition challenges grappling adolescents in his community preventing them for falling for incurable or curable diseases that could trample on their future while promoting productive and healthy living. After high school, he was very privileged to receive free graphic design training and mentorship from a renowned professional and funnelmind engineer in his community. In his quest for more as a teenager, he went on to gain a Professional Diploma from Shaw Academy- an online professional school based in Dublin, Ireland. He’s also been recognized and certified by Google Africa as well as the University of Leeds Online. He is a Member at the Young African Leadership Initiative Network, Amnesty International, Net Impact, African Youth Union Commission, Ambassador of Africa and Global Citizen Network, amongst other international organizations. He’s also an Immunity Community ambassador at the MBRUniversity and a Faculty Member at the Guru Foundation. He’s been able to build a faith-based youth community at a University’s Chapel in Cross River State, Nigeria where he serves as the Youths President. Even though health and nutrition are the major focus of his initiative, Victory Henry-Ojating still considers it necessary to address the needs of adolescents to find purpose, earn money, learn a skill, receive a quality education, help their families or learn how to deal with its difficulties and feel confident in their abilities, or these things may get in the way of them being able to follow appropriate health regimens.

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Victory Ojating