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Victor Khamala


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For Tomorrow

One of the greatest threats to the development, wellbeing and health of the entire world's youth is drug abuse. For millions of reasons from stress and abuse at home to poverty and suffering; an astonishing rate of the youth across the world have resorted to drugs which not only highly endangers these peoples health and wellbeing but also leads to tons and tons of damage to the overall society through more high school drop outs, increased crimes and more as researched upon by the UN: http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/data-and-analysis/statistics/drug-use.html. Whats even more shocking about these horrific statistics is the fact that far over 70% of these youths would not partake in these harmful behaviors if they could only have more moral support through their problems from fellow troubled youths and thats where the For Tomorrow social networking app comes in. A simple Smartphone social networking app that keeps users identities concealed can be used by youths all around the world facing different problems for communicating/sharing advice and providing moral support for those problems together. Furthermore, monetizing such a program would be incredibly easy without costing the app users a cent. In-app advertising provided vastly online (even by Google) can be applied on the app (For Tomorrow) and generate enough income to not only sustain the maintenance costs of the application but also to improve and develop the network by availing professional counselors. For Tomorrow would have low costs in creation and if made a reality, youths across the world could share and air their problems with each other and receive solutions and support. For a better tomorrow.

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