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Administrative Technician; Beginner in Programming

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Currently, the project is already active and producing food for sale and donation. The awareness phase, through education, will come on stream in the next weeks, as well as the search for partnerships with companies and municipalities that want to support the initiative and expand the scope of the project. Our main lack is for a more in-depth qualification on the subject, as well as support from agencies that help us recognize the project and expand it.

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Recently, I have experienced accomplishments that have contributed profoundly to the strengthening of my courage and engagement in guidelines that involve people and the environment. That has made me see how the joint effort can generate incredible effects. Courage and initiative have made me see opportunities where some have not. There are no significant changes if we do not take actions. One of these achievements was my direct contribution to the creation and approval of municipal law in my city, which aims to promote the adoption and awareness of the bicycle as a practical and sustainable mean of transportation. After a few days of joint efforts with my teacher, we were able to write the law and approve it. This realization made me believe even more in the power of initiative, especially when it aims at a greater good.
Though, something that extraordinarily contributed to my formation as a person was the Project Study in Russia. A group of colleagues in an institution I study had the idea of creating a project that attempted to break paradigms about the Russian culture while spreading the country’s higher education. The project took on unimaginable proportions. The Russian Consulate in Brazil and the agency Rossotrudnichestvo recognized the project and signed the initiative. Lately, we launched a book about the project, where we talked about our achievements and difficulties on the path to success. This has provided us all to see the impact that a social measure can have, and the rewards that so simple acts with deep intent can provide. I continually seek to produce a positive impact on the communities in which I take part, and this new sustainability project is one of those initiatives that I notice can contribute positively not only to people but also to the environment.

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Vinícius Bastos de Sousa