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Lighting work for 21 years, I related the profession to the works with set design, video production, design, cultural production, creation and project management in these areas, I have always worked on developing ideas, often without resources. When I was close to completing 20 years working, I felt the need and ability to do something more that could help as many people as possible, with a series of coincidences, I developed a way to separate the waste correctly, with practicality and low cost, or zero cost. So the separation of the discards becomes accessible and habitual to all, promoting social, economic and environmental impacts, positive for everything and everyone.

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Solutions for a better world, now and in the future. Support for the dissemination of the "Solution to the garbage. Solution to the world". Support in the dissemination of the Collector of Recyclable Resources, handmade model. Support in the industrial production of Collector of Recyclable Resources.

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I turn 35 years old, on the same day as voting starts.

I was born on May 15, 1984.

My parents had good financial conditions, until my 7 years old only, suddenly everything changed. I learned in childhood how difficult it is to recover something that is lost, and at the same time how easy it is to lose something.
I started working at age 12, as a shop assistant in the Christmas period, at age 13 I started working with lighting for events. I continued my studies at school, and started self-taught studies aimed at the profession. I wanted to know how to draw an idea, so I could pass on to others. After learning a little to draw, I was interested in reproducing the drawings in videos. The study in visual production, focused on technique and good content, this led me to study more about the history of mankind, behaviors, problems, solutions…
In academic studies, my interest was to study oceanography. Due to living away from the ocean, having a profession, and recognition for work, at age 17, I decided to continue working, and with the studies that I had interest and opportunity. I traveled all over Brazil, I lived, periodically, in different cities, I was a father at the age of 20, everything was always very precocious in my life, including concerns about the future.
At 30 years of age and almost 20 years of profession, I wondered how many people I can help with my profession, and the result was not satisfactory.
With determination, qualities acquired through professional and personal experience, and many coincidences, I found a solution to the garbage in the world, and I realized that this solution relates and collaborates with everything and everyone, and also with the completion of the 17 SDG.

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Vinicius Ildefonso