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I am an idea-driven person passionate about my environment; Nigeria. I drive all my effort toward contributing ideas that can foster positive livelihood for the common Nigerian man.

I derive joy in helping people achieve their dreams.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and have developed skills in Programming, Systems’ Modeling and Control, Engineering Risk Management.

I love originality, uniqueness and value adding concept or products.

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We are aimed to promoting local digital content streamlining this framework to Nigerian cultural display in music, stories, artworks and poems in various indigenous (Nigerian) dialects which may be in form of local writings, audios and videos. Festivals, stories, poems of both present and history will want to be passed across by people to the world. This framework will have its output service as a web-based and mobile application platform. It will allow an open-source dissemination of information on indigenous cultural practices and displays as mentioned above. The website and application can be viewed in English and other major languages of the world, WHILE content will be in original dialect forms with a goal of exporting our values to the understanding of the outside world. The start-up intends to generate income via adverts, listings by traditional centers e.g. museums, local tourist destinations etc. and premium service to people who intend to save such media to their devices (STREAMING/VIEWING OF MEDIA WILL BE FREE). The premium service will be made microscopically affordable to encourage people to enjoy privileges of the media offline.

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