August 15, 2017 15:39

Linguraru Andrei-Theodor,
Your annotation motivate us for work. Welcome to our country. We live in the old capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo. Next to Ruse, the border with Romania is only 100 km. We'll be glad to share ideas and good experience.
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August 15, 2017 15:37

Sebastian Rivera,
Thank you for the evaluation. We voted. We all together could preserve the Earth, because it is our home. We know that we can best motivate young people to protect the Earth because we speak in one language
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August 7, 2017 11:48

Thats right, friends. These are our TALKING BINS. We are the school company BOYAR DREAMS.Collect separately to protect the nature. And remember friends. The nature has been landed to us by our next generations.
Those are your bins. They will thank you every time you use them.
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July 24, 2017 17:00

Seth Thomas Anohwonom, thank you very much!
Your opinion motivates us to participate in more competitions. Soon we will upload a video in witch you will see one of our donations of the ,,Talking trash cans".

July 23, 2017 18:32

Thank you, Daniel!
We know that to make the big change we have to make the little one - in ourselves first. Our goal in the near future is in every primary school in our town and the region to has TALKING BINS. We are on our way to finish it. In the medium plan we want to donate TALKING BINS in the kindergartens in the city and the region. And if can't find financing to continue in the country, we will teach our friends to make such bins by themselves.

July 21, 2017 19:03

Thank you very much! The sensor reacts when the trash can closes. We are school company, we produce from our own funds or from prizes from competitions. And what do you think are big scales? The biggest scale is the smile of everyone when they use our product!