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nche valery


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I’m currently a student of biochemistry at the university of Buea awaiting graduation this December. However i have recently become more interested in developing a macro project aimed at boosting youth empowerment and stirring it in the right direction. What i mean is, most youth empowerment programs are usually designed to give a chance of success to the educated youth population. This therefore keeps out a greater majority of the youth population who are non educated or semi educated and in my opinion they are the most vulnerable.My vision is a better Africa for all, with a youth success input of 50-60%.

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Renaissance as the name suggests is aimed at redefining and remodeling the mentality of young people (a rebirth). Its main target (75%) is the non/semi educated youth population, which in most cases are not recognized or given full credibility in most youth empowerment programs/forums. Renaissance aims at making the voices of this vulnerable youth population heard, and also engineering the use of their services as a profitable alliance as Cameroon and Africa work towards development and urbanization. Renaissance is an idea for a macro development project (company) with its own internal training program for its staff and workers. It aims at providing and Eco-friendly and disease free environment and also redistributing wealth among the rich and rich and poor hence reducing the gap between them. By running two interconnected branches, it provides job opportunities for the youth population as well as top class services in construction and environmental management promoting development and urbanization. The construction sector is specialized in internal design and it provides a platform for innovative and creative design to the interiors of buildings, (houses offices hotels schools hospitals etc.). This service would be instrumental in providing jobs which dont require a lot of academic qualification but rather rely on creativity and art. This therefore means that just anyone with the right training and love for creativity and art is eligible for the job. The environmental management sector is the second sub project and aims primarily at the free collection of sewage from homes followed by treatment, recycling and processing to yield cooking gas. This sector also embodies the recycling of sewage for fertilizer production. It also takes care of the proper treatment and disposal of waste by-products obtained in the recycling process to promote an Eco-friendly environment for Cameroon, Africa and the world at large.

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