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Business Development, Business analysis, Project Management

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Business Strategy, Business Planning & Business Consultancy for new Startups
Business Development: New Technology, New Trends, Innovative Products & Solutions. ‎
Middle East Regional Experience with solid connections base ‎
Program/Project Management & Service/Solution Delivery Management ‎
Digital Marketing, Data Broadband, E-commerce ‎
Product Management & Pricing Strategy: B2C, B2B, and Wholesale Solutions
Market & Technology Trends Research & Analytics ‎
Presales & Sales Experience in MEA (MNOs, OEMs, Governments, SIs)‎
Business & Telecom Solutions Architect ‎
Areas of Experience: Convergence networks/IoT/Big data/VAS/OTT/ BSS/OSS ‎‎/IT/RAN/Core/ICT/CDN/Mobile Money/E-Payment/SDN/VOD/Mobile TV/Security Solutions‎
Technology Experience: TETRA/GSM/WCDMA/HSPA+/WiMAX/LTE/Wi- ‎Fi/TETRA/VoIP/Cloud/FTTX/IPTV/IPX/E-Payment/Web API Design, ‎
Bid Preparations: Developing Business Requirements, Developing Technical Solution & RFP ‎Response (Technical & Business Requirements Writing & Solution Architect))‎
Customer & Vendor Relations Management ‎

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Naim Alhousani