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Wendy Tshiamo Galeboe


Project Overview

Youth Empowerment: A key to a successful, innovative, poverty free and a country of high economy

The main objective of my idea is to empower the youth of my community in all aspects of life. The idea I have is to build an edutainment park for the youth. I have realized that we young people are much interested in entertainment more than a lot of other things therefore an idea of having an edutainment park will best suit for the youth in my community. Within the park, I have many activities in mind to be put in place in order to make sure that youth have access to information about everything they need, and also that opportunities for them to grab are accessible, providing a world class of entrepreneurs with integrity and also to promote a healthy lifestyle through interaction with mentors who will be in place to assist them. The activities to be put in the edutainment park will include the following a small computer room where the youth will access information from the internet, swimming are where they will use to refresh and a game room, a place where there will be business mentors to assist those interested in the business world and also a health promotional area where it will be equipped with health personnel. All the above teachings will be conducted through entertainment. The innovative approaches in order to make this a success will be the involvement of stakeholders themselves (youth), Ministry of Youth sports and culture, ministry of health and all the NGOs that have an aim of making a positive impact in the life of a young person. This is one project that has never been put in place before but I feel through trial in my community it can work to assist the youth especially that it will be a joint of different ministries together with NGOs.

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