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Wilfried Akomonla


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Education for all

ENGLISH4U is a registered March 9, 2010 2010/058/PDBA/SG/SAG/DASCS non-profit organization created for change through improving the lives of children and communities in Benin. Its principal objective is to promote English in Parakou, in particular and throughout Benin in general. Then, numerous programs have been implemented, serving children, orphans, and adults in need. ENGLISH 4 U provides: 1) School supplies, books, and musical instruments for children orphans and other disadvantaged youth. 2) Job training and career counseling for adult widows and single mothers, as well as Benin youth. 3) An outlet for beninese women and teens to share their experiences of English in a creative, and funny way. 4) Support for the basic needs of orphans. 5) A forum for Benin and American students to learn about each others cultures in a pen pal program. 6) The opportunity for children to foster their personal development through English. We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. We also provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills , resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. Since its inception, English4U developed and implemented eight (8) programs : BEST ENGLISH4U, EXCELLENCE POUR TOUS, ENGLISH CLUBS, HOLIDAY ENGLISH TRAINING, ORPHAN SPONSORSHIP, EXCURSIONS, BROADCASTING, and CONFERENCE on Peace. We are also including new programs like ENGLISH4U newspaper, and radio Animators retraining. All our programs are innovative and each one use different approaches. However, they share the same goal which is to promote the English language. Our main strategy is the use of technology to pass the knowledge such as computers, Video projector, screencast, free speech, dialogue between learners and the use of Internet as resource.

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Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come; whose time is now. Everyone has the right to live a peaceful life of serenity, particularly orphans. Orphans have the right to be educated, to be entertained, to grow in a peaceful atmosphere and love, to enjoy the same rights like the children living with their parents father and mother. But force is to note that in my country Benin in West Africa, such is not the case despite the efforts made by authorities. Orphans continue to be forsaken to themselves due to the lack of supports. At the end, we notice that those poor children by the time being, turn out to public dangers to the community. I strongly believe that it would be wise to have positive thoughts with regards to this threat to ensure a bright future to orphans. This is the main goal of our current idea known as Shelter For Orphans. A space for all orphans regardless gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political belief and so on. By implementing this idea, we are committed to provide the most effective space for the orphans all over the world and we will provide the following : 1) receive orphans from any locations from the world. 2) Good education for a well being. 3) A vocational training emphasizing agriculture, the transformation of the agricultural products: like the transformation of the cassava into gari, biscuit and also of red oil palm nuts, walnuts of Shea butter. 4) All orphans will be able to grow their personal development and will be ready to be socially independent and could create values and become useful to themselves and to the community in which they live.

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