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NLab is an ICT park whose main aim is to help kids and youth in Tanzania to catch up with the speed at which new problems and opportunities are arising in our changing world as a result of Technological change, and make a contribution to strengthening our societies economically and socially by promoting the culture of innovation though ICT. The Lab has created a unique space for Primary School, Secondary school, University students, youth, developers and programmers to meet, network and prosper. One of our goal is to teach children to code. It's not about STEM courses only, we want children to be being able to think about problems in their community and how they can either come up with solutions or help in thinking on how to find the solutions on the problems available. We believe, introducing them to Coding early is an investment in the future. How are we doing it? By informing & educating their parents and guardians, By supporting & educating teachers and educators and By starting coding clubs in Private and public primary school. NLab is scheduling yearly sessions to train and prepare young computer users to realize their dream and also shape those who have ideas of becoming the next programmers, developers, authors and entrepreneurs competitively worldwide. Currently NLab has been offering study sessions and trainings of core programming. Students come from secondary school and university. We are aiming at bringing up a new generation of young developers with new ideas that could take Tanzania to greater heights in technology.

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