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William Lie


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Public Water Dispenser in Indonesia

The disposable plastic bottle usages for drinking water making the number of plastic bottle trashes keep increasing everyday. While a lot of students and daily workers need everyday supply of drinking water, They are forced to bought bottled water because in Indonesia, tap water cannot be used for drinking water. I saw they are still a large number of people willing to bring their own tumbler or reusable bottle, but they were not facilitated well to fill their bottle when it is running out of drinking water to drink in public places. Our idea is to provide self-service public automatic water dispenser, that will be provide drinking water in cheap price to refill the tumbler or reusable bottles in public space like campuses and offices. With cooperation with trusted local drinking water companies, the vending machine will sell the water in volume-based refill. Each 600 ml of refill will be cost about Rp500 or US$0.05. It is a lot cheaper that buying the same bottle of water which cost Rp2500. The main objective is to reduce the plastic bottle usage. The operational will be run by professional staff in cleaning and changing the water gallons to the pump. The development now is on financial calculation and expected this system will be installed in 10 spots in strategic public places e.g. canteens and restaurants. The net profit for the 10 units are expected to be US$ 350 per month, and break even points (BEP) duration is 7 years.

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