Comment on: EDUheal
June 26, 2020 22:19

This is lovely my dear and I really think this initiative is urgently needed in many countries including my country Malawi where most students are at home due to convid 19 pandemic and most of them are resorting into forced marriages and other malpractices due to idleness and this initiative can keep many students busy whilst at home. But still just also reflect on how your initiative would reach down to those in impoverished families with no access to technologies and electricity for its my desire that this initiatives should reach to all kinds of students.

June 26, 2020 22:10

Wow this is lovely and I would love it if you could speed the initiative it would really help during this pandemic period as most people are staying idle in their homes due to travel restrictions and your initiative would be a remedy to them and in turn help reduce the spread of this convid 19.

June 26, 2020 22:03

Great concern Samson, I really like your initiative and passion toward the elderly as this is the most neglected group in especially here in Africa and your initiative it might be a genuine relief to the elderly; but still I would like to understand about this herbal tea thing; is it like you are the one producing it or you will be just sourcing it and make it available for the elderly? But in a case whereby you are the one producing it then it would be great if you extend the groups of beneficiaries to this herbal tea and this should carter the youths and in short everyone, since diabetes its a disease which is causing havoc among all age groups and more especially among the youths.

June 26, 2020 21:43

Benard this is great but before I rush into offering my praises allow me to finger point some loop holes or concerns patterning to your idea: firstly I would like to know for how long do you anticipate or have you documented that each household should make or reach its target worth enough to build a house considering that most of the beneficiaries that you are targeting they live a less than a dollar life per day.
Again can you give us a picture of the kind of houses you are trying to build for these impoverished families. Lastly, I would appreciate also if you would plan to make some investments with the savings and in turn the money can be multiplied and help to raise the funds for the initiative.

June 26, 2020 21:27

Wonderful idea and I really love it; the world needs this and it can save lives globally if at all the said facts about the plant are to be true. Go for it and save the world.

Comment on: Curriculum Vitae
June 21, 2020 17:35

Hello dear, I really love your idea its great and I also love your zeal of trying to make education go digital...but I strongly feel this can't just be applied right away or I should say your app will sell in specific regions while in others it won't. For instance in typical rural African villages this will have difficulties for first most students are not conversant with technologies. So first of all I would insist for trainings and and supply of the technological equipment to make this work.

May you also comment on my idea

Comment on: Together we can
June 21, 2020 16:17

Wow wonderful idea; I like it mostly whereby you are trying to bring farmers together in form of cooperatives because this is the missing piece in our societies ( we don't like team work). Bit still I would appreciate if you would plan to also extend your work by helping those farmers to sell their products.

Also comment on py project:

Comment on: Aeon Art Studio
June 21, 2020 16:11

Wow great idea roland; this is great and I know lots of lads will benefit from; many have this talent but don't know how to turn it into business activity. Looking forward to your progress

Comment on: Preventing pandemics
June 9, 2020 03:20

My question goes straight in relation to this year pandemic of corona virus:
1. Did you try to implement any measures listed above?
2. If you tried I would like to know the countries in which you chose to operate
3. What was/ is the success rate and challenges you have met?

June 9, 2020 03:07

Wow wonderful idea but I would like to know the measures you have put in place to control and ensure that the children that come into your hands are really the marginalised and not just the opportunity seekers cause I know this is a common practice especially in Africa when such opportunities arise; everyone would want to appear marginalised even when they are not.