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Pinnacle Mobile market (PM2)

The pinnacle mobile market is a mobile market van that would be situated around advantageous locations in the city and beyond. The vans would have in them all kinds of foodstuffs, ranging from fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, oil, rice to onions, garlic, okra and many other hygienic foodstuffs. The pinnacle mobile market would deliver foodstuffs to consumers upon request. All that a consumer needs to do is to place a phone call or make an online order to Pm2 for foodstuffs and tell them where he/she is located and it would be delivered to the consumer at his/her location within 30-45 minutes. When the order is delivered the consumer then pays for it and takes his/her foodstuffs with a receipt. Alternatively, advance payments can be made to PM2 by customers then at the preferred time of the customer the order would be delivered. In addition, the customers can purchase foodstuffs on credit basis upon request. The necessary steps would be taken to enhance a safe and easy payment term. But this service would be exclusive to government workers.

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