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I am a person who is so talented in social unity and team working. And also there are other skills like for leadership and enterpreneurial skills.

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I need your support for my vison. I wish that your support may not be financialy only but also in different other categories.

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I AM kwizera Joshua and I am 17 years old. I was born in Huye district in Rwanda in 2004. My fathers name is Musengimana Jonas and for my mother is Musengimana Marie. All my parents are government workers. During my childhood, I used to have big reams of becoming an able man. so I had to struggle for it from then. I have achieved to get only four certificates and now am still in college in grade 10 with great performance. Due to my life experiences, I thought of using medical drones to save peoples lives by making pharmaceutical product supply easier for all people including those in poor populations. All this will be done by the use of drones.

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Kwizera Joshua